The Controversy Of Media Brainwashing Us Essay

The Controversy Of Media Brainwashing Us Essay

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The long-term use of greenhouse gases including fuel for cars, emissions from charcoal and many others will have everlasting effects that will ultimately lead to the demise of civilization and mankind. Changes in climate will have damaging consequences, such as flooding and increase worldwide storm activity, which can be prevented only if humans get Media may portray emotional stories to fear society into beliefs. Evidence will be proven for each side of the argument whether it be global warming being a complete hoax or everything coming to an end in due time.
A scientist’s view on this particular issue may be naked to the societal eye. The media brainwashing us has been such a major aspect in human life until now that when scientists do studies on this problem day in and day out, it’s not being presented as a positive impact. The media can backwash a scientist’s true words to put a rating boost for their own articles. In many cases, a reporter, after interviewing a physicist studying climate change, can interpret the responses as something other than the truth. These scientists work hard to tell us of how the world is changing and what we can do as a society to help the process out but what the media does is include sensationalism to sell ratings. Fear and emotion is what buys people. A civilian may think they know and feel everything that is happening around them when there really isn’t much going on. Ebola, for example, is something that the media is covering every day in the United States even though no one has died from contracting the deadly virus from a fellow American who returned from the areas where Ebola may be prospering. Global warming, from a sensationalist stance, can be seen as the following: the ice caps melting ...

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...phic states that magma is “molten, or partially melted, rock beneath the Earth 's surface.” Magma underneath the surface can cause as much melting of the ice caps as the damage of the ozone and sun creeping in can.
Political leaders around the world have varied opinions on changes in climate. As stated in an article from The Economist, Tony Abbott, the prime minister of Australia, made remarks regarding global warming and changes Obama made to his climate policy during the G20 summit in Brisbane. These remarks were very damaging to the rest of the world because he said he would be “standing up for coal.” Continuing to be a bad polluter can put Australia on the brinks of war. When Mr. Abbott is not making right decisions for his own country on a topic as critical as global warming, it may seem like he does not believe the weather warming is due to his own decisions.

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