Essay about Controversy of Annexation of the Phillipine Islands

Essay about Controversy of Annexation of the Phillipine Islands

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The United States should not annex the Philippine islands, the Philippines, already a country of their own should not be forced to adapt to American culture and civilization. Prior to the annexation of the Philippines, America had major conflict with Spain in order to free Cuba from their brutal tactics for dominance. Tension continued to rise, until President Mckinley decided to take action and go to war against Spanish forces to enable a more stable government as well as provide protection for the citizens of Cuba.  After months of fighting, the Spanish admitted defeat and began discussing peace terms of the Treaty of Paris. In this treaty Cuba was guaranteed independence, also the Spanish were forced to give up Guam and Puerto Rico. They Spanish also complied to selling the Philippines to the U.S for 20 million. However, the Filipinos wanted independence, not just a change in who governed them, this desire led many Philippine citizens to break out, beginning the Philippine- American war, which lasted three years, and caused the death of over two hundred thousand American and Filipino citizens. 
The United States decision to annex the Philippines was extremely controversial and hypocritical.  First of all it was extremely expensive for the united states to buy the country. The resources that were available were plentiful, but not worth 20 million at the time, and rather than buy the country the U.S should have set up ports and planned for regulated trade with the Philippines. This would have benefitted both countries, the Philippines would be independent and the U.S would have an abundance of resources close by. The United States had enough to fix within their own country that the money could have funded. 
Also, the U.S saw it a...

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...n the Philippine-American War. 
In conclusion, the Philippines never should have been annexed. The United States believed they were better the Philippines when in reality they were dictating over them just as the Spanish had done before. Also, it was a complete waste of money and resources. Philippines finally received their independence in 1946, for which the United States received no compensation for the 20 million dollars they spent to purchase the land in the first place. Resources for the military, and schooling, and government also went to waste because the Philippines didn't accept the American lifestyle or civilization, therefore the funding for those institutions were useless. Hopefully the United States learned that controlling other countries against their will is unethical, and will choose to learn from the mistake, and not be doomed to repeat the past. 

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