Essay The Controversy Behind the Death Penalty

Essay The Controversy Behind the Death Penalty

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The Controversy Behind the Death Penalty

Some people think that the death penalty is a bad thing and others think that it serves the people right but I don’t really know which side to believe because there are good facts protecting both sides. The Death Penalty is a controversial issue.
What is Capital punishment? Capital punishment is the death penalty. It is used today and was used in ancient times to punish a variety of crimes, Even the bible supports death for murder and other crimes like kidnapping and witchcraft. The Death Penalty is a controversial issue because there are people that state the Death Penalty is wrong and good in some way.
Why do people oppose the Death penalty?
Because the Person may not be guilty, A lot of people think it is wrong to take a life. It could be there religion or many other reasons and then there are people that just feel sorry for them. And they also think that they can be rehabilitated. That is a true fact some people that have commited these crimes didnt mean to or it could have been an accident, so they should be able to have a chance to be rehabilatated
Why do people support the death penalty?
Because it’s a fair punishment. And a lot of people think that it is there fault they took a life now there life has to be taken. It also sets an example for all the other criminals out there, hopefully it will make them not want to get there life taken. It serves justice.
Here are some facts about the Death penalty. A new study released by the Urban Institute on March 6, 2008 said that the lifetime expenses of prosecuted cases since 1978 will cost Maryland taxpayers $186 million or more . The average cost of defending a trial in a federal death case is $620,932, close to 8 times that...

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Hanging: They have been done in many places
Lethal Injection: This is the most common way people are executed now days.
All of the types of executions above have been used in the past only a couple of them is used now days.
So should the Death Penalty be banned as a form of punishment?
Yes and No is the answer here are some reasons.
It creates another form of crime. The endless appeals clog our courtroom.
Also the Death Penalty helps the Family that have suffered all the Years from the person who committed the crime. Also if a prisoner gets out on parole or escapes it can give them another chance to kill and it will make other families suffer and live there life different because someone escaped who should have already been executed for what the did the first time but there are other reasons defending why the death penalty shouldn’t be legal

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