The Controversy Behind Life Support Essay

The Controversy Behind Life Support Essay

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The Controversy Behind Life Support
The decision to be able to prolong life has been one of the most controversial topic for years now. Many people believe that life support isn’t benefiting the person just only making the person live longer and others believe that it’s a chance the patients can come off life support breathing on their own which there has been many cases where patients have awakened from life support. In this exploratory essay I will talk about the 3 article that embodied their opinion about life support. In the first article Berger position on the issue is that he is against Dying patients being kept on life support because he believes once the person is critically ill which some call it brain dead there’s no coming back from it. In the 2nd article’s author Meltem Zeytinoglu states his case on how he supports dying patients on life support because he dealt with it first hand when he was younger his mother was on life support and came out of life support healthy. My 3rd article states his issue on how he is for and also against dying patients being kept on life support, he is a doctor which means he has to follow the law to do everything in his power to prolong life, but he is also a roman catholic and catholic believes when it’s your time you don’t stop God’s wishes.
One of my position on the issue is that Dr. Ken Berger believes that Life Support for elderly patient isn’t benefiting them and is actually causing more harm to them. According to the “Dying on life support: is it fair? Article The Author Dr. Berger states in most cases when the end is near should doctors prolong life artificially? Dr. Berger the medical doctor at the Bellevue Hospital in New York City states how patients that are on life support i...

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...aken. Even though Moran is against prolonging life even when he had to encounter as a child losing his father at a young age he still knew that prolonging life is just unethical.
In conclusion the 3 articles gave me a great overview on the different positions on dying patients being kept on life support the most convincing position would have to be the article “Dying On Life Support: Is It Fair?” Because he is a doctor that works in a well-known hospital in New York City, Dr. Berger states how elderly patients shouldn’t be kept on life support because it’s only prolonging life and it’s not making them get better but just prolonging agony which isn’t ethical at all. That makes a lot of sense to me because as old as the patients are their not really showing signs of recovery some family just don’t want to put it in their mind that their love one is really gone.

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