Controversy about the Development of the Keystoen XL Pipelines Essay

Controversy about the Development of the Keystoen XL Pipelines Essay

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There has been an ongoing controversy and debate going on about the development of the Keystone XL pipelines. Large oil exploration and production companies take advantage of opportunities like this without considering the effects it could have on the environment at a locale or global scale. There have been many issues regarding this project which should be addressed and taken into serious consideration. The purpose of this paper is to show the negative impacts the Keystone XL pipelines would impose if built running through North America. The geographical process would affect the region in terms of the environment and economics. The oil sands production would impact the local scale in terms of the land/sea, it would propose harm at a global scale in terms of the climate, and lastly it will negatively impact the economy in the region.
The development of the Keystone XL pipelines will affect the environment at a locale scale. The ecosystem on the earth’s layer that includes the land and water will be damaged, specifically around the region where the project is taking place. The pipelines play a big role in affecting communities surrounding the project; heavy concern being on the forests and environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands and water supplies. John Bellamy Foster states that the negative environmental and health impacts in American communities are enormous; the toxic pollution from fracking is contaminating water supplies and wastewater treatment (Foster, 2013). There is great concern for different regions’ water supplies, not all regions use lakes as a source of water for water treatment plants; they depend on underground wells formally known as Aquifers. If these aquifers get contaminated by oil spills or by under...

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...d on and would only employ majority of current workers rather than the unemployed.
The development of The Keystone XL pipelines will be an ongoing debate because of the damages it can cause in the world at a global and locale scale. The Oil sands industries are trying to push a green light from the democrats led by president Obama, in order to starting executing their pipeline development project that will be moving through the united states. The development of the Keystone XL pipelines would not be a good idea because of the issues it will propose. It will affect the locale and global scale in different ways; at a locale scale the environment would be harmed by the development, at a global scale the climate can be altered and issues will be noticed in the earth’s atmosphere, and lastly the economy in the North American population will be affected by the project.

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