Controversies Surrounding Vaccine Essay

Controversies Surrounding Vaccine Essay

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Immunization is the process by which a person or animal becomes protected against a disease. Even though it’s “one of the greatest health development of the 20th century”, the number of infants who aren’t fully vaccinated are increasing gradually over the past years. This happened because of all the controversy surrounding vaccine. Despite the fact that it can prevent potentially life-threatening diseases, people are paying less attention to those infections because they are rarely seen nowadays. So people start to look at the vaccine and the possible side effects and now they fear that the vaccine itself might be more harmful than it is helpful. Although there are some objections for the use of vaccinations, I strongly support it for many reasons.
Despite the doctors’ reassurances and mounting evidences about the safety and value of immunization, many parents are still wary about getting their children injected. Some even opposed it because they fear that the vaccine itself is not benign. It is often considered unnecessary in many cases because the illnesses don’t pose a big threat to the child’s life. However, others point out that they help eradicate many contagious illnesses and prevent many deaths. For example, polio and smallpox, once killed thousands of children, are eliminated because of the use of vaccines. There were many studies conducting to show whether it can trigger serious reactions and disorders. In 1998, Andrew Wakefield published an observation of 12 children that linked the measles, mumps, and rubella combination vaccine with intestinal problems which he believed led to autism. Once people heard this news, they become alarmed. However, many large studies had been conducted and found no association between the t...

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...ies. I support immunization also because it can save us economically. It would cost less to get an injection than to be treated with a disease. Furthermore, even if a virus seem to extinct, outbreak can still occur if children aren’t protected.

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