The Controversies Of The Game Essay

The Controversies Of The Game Essay

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The Controversies of the Game

“Performance-enhancing drugs are an illusion. I wish I had never gotten involved with steroids.

It was wrong. It was stupid,” quoted by Mark McGwire, one of the most controversial players in the

history of the game. Of course baseball fans and players will remember the 1998 historic season when

he hit an unprecedented 70 home runs that season. Of course nobody hits 70 homers without doing

something to his body and he did enhance his body using steroids, the most controversial drug in

baseball. The game has changed since then and has adjusted to these controversies due to PED 's and the

way they have been handled, the drug and alcohol abuse, and the strikes that have plagued baseball.

PED 's stand for performance enhancing drugs and players use them to build their bodies up the

past normal human endurance levels. These drugs are very harmful to the body damaging your lungs

and intestines. Steroids have been a bid controversy in baseball as well as other sports and big names

such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Manny Rameriz have been caught using steroids. The first big

outbreak where steroids became a controversy was in 1998 during the home run chase on an article

written by Steve Wilstein after he saw what looked like amphetamines in Mark McGwire 's locker after

a game. When the article came out, people thought he was trying to ruin the home run chase and

thought nothing of it. Later several others came out with it and people started taking notice. Soon, fans

starting wondering if the home run chase was tainted or not. Major League Baseball(MLB) designed a

new drug policy in 2004, and it was designed to create and effective way to test players for drugs. In


... middle of paper ...

...rry, John Milner, and Kevin Koch. Ironically, these players were involved in the

previously mentioned “Pittsburgh Problem.” The biogenesis scandal in 2013 accused 20 MLB players

of using HGH, a steroid, including Ryan Braun, 65-game ban, and Alex Rodriguez, 2014-season ban.

Scandals have helped baseball become what it is today.

Baseball is what is today because of the scandals that have plagued baseball, the alcohol and

drug abuses, and the PED 's and how they were handled. The Black Sox scandal, the “Pittsburgh

Problem,” the biogenesis scandal, and the 1994 strike were all handled differently than each other.

That 's how baseball has progressed from 1900 to the present. Baseball learned from mistakes and

progressed. The controversies have changed baseball to a game of chance and learning, now we can sit

back and watch baseball progress to its peak.

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