The Controversial Winter 2014 Sochi Olympics Essay

The Controversial Winter 2014 Sochi Olympics Essay

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While the Winter 2014 Sochi Olympics may be bringing lots of joy and excitement to fans in Russia and around the world, many controversies arise as to whether the choice of location was the best pick. Be it because of the geographic setting, the biased laws, the extraordinary infrastructure cost, or the deteriorating situation, many fans and viewers agree that they are facing physical and mental difficulties in trying to understand why the 2014 Winter Olympics are held in Sochi.
Sochi is not one of the most popular and interesting cities in Russia. Temperatures average around 10 degrees Celsius in February, making Sochi a travel destination for tourists seeking warmer climates. The city is known to be a subtropical seaside resort and is one of the hot cities of Russia. The organizers of the Games have thus decided to stockpile around 700,000 cubic meters of snow, most of which were not used, and this had a radical effect on the cost of the Games. Moreover, Sochi is a very isolated city and the only direct flights available are form Turkey and Germany. International spectators are fa...

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