The Controversial Scientific Breakthrough Of Cloning Essay

The Controversial Scientific Breakthrough Of Cloning Essay

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What if you could bring back someone you love or a beloved pet from the dead? You may be able to do that in the near future with cloning. Cloning is when an organism is genetically identical to the individual from which it was asexually derived (Random House). Cloning was brought to light in 1997 when scientists successfully cloned a sheep. The birth of Dolly was a major scientific breakthrough. In writing this paper, I hope to shed light on what cloning is, the reasons to conduct cloning research, pros and cons of cloning, and what the future of cloning looks like.
What is a clone? In simpler terms, it is an exact copy of the DNA of an original organism (Engdahl 17). Cloning is something that’s been around for a while. Plants, like strawberries and potatoes, use this technique to grow. “When plants like strawberry plants and potatoes send out runners, modified versions of a stem, new plants grow wherever the runners take root” (Engdahl 17). Animals can also clone themselves too. A not so obvious example is animals like insects, worms, and some species of lizards, fish, and frogs, can to a certain extent clone themselves through a process called parthenogenesis (Engdahl 17). Recently, humans have been using cloning for the benefit of society. For example, scientists cloned a sheep named Dolly in 1997; opening a new door to use cloning to benefit mankind. However, the birth of Dolly led to controversial arguments on why cloning should be banned.
There are reasons why scientists should conduct cloning research. For example, scientists want to genetically engineer agriculturally important animals so they can pollute less, grow more rapidly, and produce higher quality meat or milk (Levine 165). They also hope to t...

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... cells used as the donor cells for somatic cell nuclear transfer. It would thus perhaps be possible to create genetically modified human beings. Importantly, humans produced through this procedure would have genetically modified germ cells and pass on their genetic changes to their offspring” (Levine 173). This technique is called germ-line genetic engineering (MedlinePlus).
In conclusion, there are benefits to plant and animal cloning. For example, plant and animal cloning has helped save the farming industry millions of dollars. On the other hand, human cloning is still controversial and scientists need to conduct more research to see if human cloning is safe. In writing this paper I was able to learn what cloning really is, the reasons to continue cloning research, the benefits and drawbacks of cloning, and what the future of cloning will look like.

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