Controversial Issues Involved With Human Abortion Essay

Controversial Issues Involved With Human Abortion Essay

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There are many controversial issues involved with human abortion. Ignorance is one of the various factors that are giving people the ability to partake in such a horrifying procedure. Parents allowing doctors and other persons to medically terminate the life growing inside of them seem to be misunderstanding what terrors they are allowing to take place. The disturbing fact behind abortion is that prochoice abortionists are murdering the human lifeform growing inside of pregnant mothers. The children being killed will not have the chance to be adopted, because inadequate doctors assure the mother she is doing nothing wrong even though God is forming the children with purpose. Abortion is an ongoing problem persistently murdering innocent human beings, and should be stopped for the sake of human morality.
Countless scientists and doctors believe that growing babies in the female uterus are not essentially human beings until they are born. Because they believe this false accusation, they trust that terminating the pregnancy is not really murdering a human being. These mistaken pro-abortionists fail to understand when human life begins. When a mother does not want her child, it is common for abortionists to say her child is a fetus rather than a human being. This has led many women to allow a medically advanced (or in some cases, people with no medical certification) to mutilate and destroy the innocent life forming inside of their bodies. Rob Schwarzwalder explains how, "the zygote is composed of human DNA and other human molecules," which would clearly mean that the creation is human and not another species (Schwarzwalder). The zygote is a fertilized ovum necessary for pregnancy and formation of a new organism. Since ...

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...y is only selfish and unthoughtful toward that child’s future. God allows women to become pregnant and He has a plan for all of His creation. The prochoice society has no right against God to be killing off His purposeful formation.
It is a heartbreaking fact that women worldwide are aborting their own children before they have the chance to live. Those in the society that view human abortion as a procedure that is helping thousands of women have highly questionable morals. With so many reasons against abortion it is amazing how it has not been outlawed, but the society in the world today is already so corrupted that it is not shocking that so many people are in favor of this horrible medical procedure. Although it is unlikely to happen, hopefully in the future more and more people will start to see the horror of abortion and want to put an end to this madness.

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