The Controversial Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

The Controversial Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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The Infamous Baby Bump
Teen pregnancy is just as popular as Netflix is today. Teenage pregnancy is a young girl between the ages of thirteen and nineteen that is pregnant with or has already had a child. It is such a controversial topic because many religious founded people are against sex before marriage, but teen pregnancy is almost considered a social norm. Pregnant adolescents will always raise a keen eye of the general population in the United States. Teenagers walking around with a baby bump are unofficially repeating history with the year of the Baby Boom. Teen pregnancy can cause many complications with any young mother and her child. It also puts them at risk to infections and diseases during labor and delivery. Pregnancy among teenage girls is often caused by the use of alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, sexual abuse, and lack of contraception. Teenage pregnancy is also one of the leading causes of high school dropouts. Schools provide sex education classes and programs for those parents who find it difficult to properly talk to their child about sex. Young ladies should take advantage of their education first before having children. Although teen pregnancy is a continuously growing factor today in society; it should be prevented by abstinence, using contraception methods, and educating others about the effects of teen pregnancy.
Teen pregnancy can cause many problems in a young girl’s life. Abstinence is the restraint from activities such as alcohol, drugs, or in particular sex. Abstinence from sex means no sexual contact of any kind while some people feel that is simply abstaining from intercourse because they feel that oral sex is not considered sex. Abstinence is highly promoted by religious people and those that hav...

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...responsibilities and must learn how to be independent so they can provide for their baby. Most teenagers are not mentally or financially stable to be parents. They are often poorly educated which results in a low-paying job. Some people may say it is difficult for teenagers not to have sex that is why they make birth control easy to access for those who are sexually active. Becoming pregnant at a young age can cause many health problems when women are older and want to have another child. The pill, IUD, shot, condoms, and emergency contraception pill should be used to prevent pregnancy. A young girl’s life will be more valuable with a good education. Modern day women will be respected more by knowing their worth and waiting until after marriage to have sex. Teen pregnancy can be prevented by informing them about the dangers of sex, birth control, or no sex at all.

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