Essay about Control Theories And The Application Of Control Theory

Essay about Control Theories And The Application Of Control Theory

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This paper describe about different types of control theories and the application of control theory in real world context. Social control theory is based on philosophical principles that individuals automatically would commit crime if they left alone with situation. In other words, we, all are born with criminal characteristics and learn to follow laws as we grow in society. Many sociologist and criminologist have suggested that acceptance of social norms and beliefs are a vital evidence of someone is a reputed member in society or a criminal. Control theories not only use to evaluate delinquent behavior of the juvenile populations, but also adult populations. Travis Hirschi’s social control is used more in the field of criminology and criminal justice. He described that the probability of being controlled is depend on various aspects such as emotional involvement, commitment and trust. Generally, our involvement with our families, friends, spouse, surrounding, professions, and religion help us to be a good person. These types of involvement keep us away from delinquent behavior. Programs like after school program educate juveniles to control delinquent behavior. Such kinds of programs are created to control delinquent behavior of young adults who may involve in deviant behavior.

Many theories in the field of criminology have a hypothesis that people naturally obey laws and order implemented by the society. People who deviate from social norm are motivated by anti-social people such as criminals and drug addicted. Control theory suggests the opposite hypothesis, in that people will naturally commit crime if situation allowed doing so (Bernard et al., 2010, p. 203). The control theories suggest that every society have a s...

... middle of paper ... dropping affection (Agnew, 1985, p. 48). Statistics advises that the significance of Hirschi’s social control theory has been overstated (Agnew, 1985, p. 58).

In this paper, I learned about different types of control theories and its relationship to the field of crime and criminology. Social control theory is established on logical values that individuals naturally commit crime if they are left alone. In other words, we, all are born with some criminal characteristics. We learn social norms as we grow. The recent research suggested that obedience and self-control in early age is important before their personality deviate. Policies have been implemented based on control theories to control crime and delinquency (Bernard et al., 2010, p. 219). As a criminologist, this is our duty to do more research to strengthen the control theory and stop crime

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