Contributions of Sociologists to Society Essay

Contributions of Sociologists to Society Essay

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Sociology is a term defined as the study of society. Sociologists are interested in studying cultures, researching groups, learning about their belief systems and how people communicate with one another. They mostly focus on industrialized societies. Auguste Comte truly contributed to sociology as the founder of sociology. Along came many other sociologists such as, George Herbert Mead, Jane Adams and W.E.B. Du Bois. Each individual showed great interest in their career which led them to contribute and be a part of history.
George Herbert Mead was born in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He went to Oberlin College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Several years later after being an elementary school teacher and a surveyor for a railroad company, he enrolled at Harvard University. He studied philosophy and sociology. He ended up graduating with a master’s degree. He then went to the University Of Michigan where he met two great people who influenced him a lot. George then moved to the University of Chicago where he taught till the day of his death.
George Herbert Mead and one of his colleagues developed a theoretical perspective known as symbolic interaction. Symbolic interaction-a theoretical perspective in which society is viewed as composed of symbols that people use to establish meaning, develop their views of the world, and communicate with one another. Mead felt that with out symbols everything and everyone who be the same and wouldn’t be able to differentiate. A symbol gives uniqueness. Mead was never successful in publishing one of his articles which included his theory. He is most well known for Mind, Self and Society, which is used in many lectures nowadays. Symbols helped create a language that was needed by the...

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