The Contributions Of Julius Caesar Essay

The Contributions Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar was one of the most important political and military leaders in the history of Rome, with many major achievements. Caesar is known to have never lost a single war. His most honorable conquests include the capture of Gaul that extended the Rome boundaries to the Atlantic Ocean; and the Roman invasion of Britain. Julius was also a historian and an incredible orator. He authored many comprehensive journals, named Commentaries that provided the details of his military campaign. Caesar is also said to have produced Acta Diurna, which is the first newspaper that let the public know about the actions of the Assembly and the Senate. He was a successful statesman and changed several laws for the wellbeing if the public. He was the one who fixed the calendar because the days weren’t in pace with the seasons and suggested the science behind it. He was clearly one of the most important political and military leaders in the history of Rome
Julius Caesar’s legacy comes from his major achievements. He will be remembered as a mastermind in military, in statesmanship and in oratory. It was his efforts and determination that led to the final transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. His skill as a general also allowed him to beat his ultimate enemy in the final civil war against Pompeius. Despite minor modifications we still use the calendar he fixed thousands of years ago, which is something everyone will use in future generations.
Today, Caesar is still known for being the peak of accomplishments in political and military history. I believe that this is justified because he continued to carry out many successes with little failures. Julius Caesar accomplished many other things other than his usual victories in wars...

... middle of paper ... of reorganization and rehabilitation which he managed in every branch of his empire created a new Roman peace. He was so strict with his laws that he even banished his daughter and granddaughter that’s how much he believed in his new empire. The Roman world was before experiencing internal chaos and turmoil, and the fact that he was able to do as much as he could to turn that around is incredible. I think Rome was better for the changes he made in the long run because he left a peaceful empire that lasted for at least another 200 years. Compared to when he started, he had ended over 100 years of civil war. His vision and power had expanded the Roman Empire to become far more than a group of countries; instead it was a diverse society. Eventually, he came to be accepted as one of the gods; therefore I believe he did have a positive impact of the citizens of Rome.

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