Essay on Contributions Of John T Duncan

Essay on Contributions Of John T Duncan

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There were some individuals that were found in the 1881 and 1891 censuses and some that were not. James E Pitts, his wife Charity and his family are mentioned in the 1881 and 1891 censuses. This could be verified as the same James Pitts because he is also listed as a butcher in the 1881 census as he was in the city directory. Charity, his wife is also listed in the inquest as a witness. James Pitts job changed sometime between 1881 and 1891. Yet, his wife and family members still stayed the same. James’ and Charity’s ages are also mentioned being 32 and 33 respectively in 1881 and 45 and 47 respectively in 1891. This is interesting because their ages grew more then 10 years during the census. The censuses also state that the James and Charity were both born and England and that they are Canadian Methodists.

Evidence for John T Duncan could not be found in the 1881 census but could be found in the 1891 census. The information from the census can be verified from the information provided from the inquest. He is listed in the census as an MD and coroner. Furthermore, he was born in England and was 48 years old. He is also listed as a Presbyterian. His wife’s name was Alice who was born in Ontario and was 38 years old. He had three sons: James, Stanley and John who were ages 5, 3 and 1 respectively.

Alex McPhedran is also not found in the 1881 census but was found in the 1891 census. Similar to Duncan’s information, McPhedran’s information is also verified by means of the city directory and inquest. He is listed as 43-year-old born physician and surgeon born in Ontario who is of Scottish descent and Presbyterian. He was married to Jane who was 32 years old and Ontario born as well. He also had two children, Fletcher aged 7 and Lois...

... middle of paper ... pregnant.

If having sex out of wedlock would have been frowned upon by the working class residents with British ancestry of Yonge Street, then surely becoming pregnant would have been even more disastrous. This explains why Eva Harris would have tried to hide the baby from the Pitts and dispose of it after she gave birth. Clearly, the social milieu of the time affected Eva Harris’ decisions. Furthermore, one can infer that social ills did exist on Yonge Street. However, these events would most likely be kept secret from others in the community. Moreover, this community would have had a strong sense of religion, which would most likely result in a more traditional atmosphere. This means that this class would have been more traditional in the sense that they would have been against abortion or birth control. This would have put Eva Harris in a difficult situation.

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