Essay on The Contributions of Google Inc. to Society

Essay on The Contributions of Google Inc. to Society

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Google Inc. contributes to our society daily, through many of its ingenious ideas and items. Although it may seem like the majority of our technology comes from major companies such as Microsoft or Apple, this is not always true. One huge invention of Google Inc. is the modern day search engine. Google also has created The Cloud, Android phones, Google Chrome, and many other applications., or Google for short, is the world’s most widely used search engine. Google’s search engine can help you locate things such as directions, stores, idea’s for papers, and more. Now, many people ask, “How does a search engine work?” Well, I’ll tell you (Overview).
Google Inc. uses programs called crawlers. Google calls them “Google Bots.” The job of a Google Bot is simple; they search over the internet for key words and URL’s, In order to form indexes. Google organizes all the information the crawlers bring back, and creates an index. Located in these indexes, is information on all of the website the crawlers have visited, keywords used to define the information, and also the URL. Google manages this massive index of thousands of websites, by splitting it up on many different super computers around the world (Technology).
When you type a search into the Google search box, it is sent to Google machines and compared with all the documents stored in their index to identify the most relevant matches. In a split second, the system prepares a list of pages and also determines the relevant sections of text, images, and videos. What you get is a list of search results in short little sections, and when you follow the link you will receive the rest of the information (Technology).
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