Essay on The Contributions Of C. Wright Mills

Essay on The Contributions Of C. Wright Mills

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The five questions I have chosen to answer are the contributions of C. Wright Mills to sociology. As I explain his contributions, I will identify major ideas he had as well as how they were used in study, and provide an example. The next question I will answer is demonstrating my understanding of how individuals respond to cultural difference by explaining both ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. This one I will address how each have positive and negative characteristics and the impact they have on social relationships. The third question is the deviance question. By explaining how researchers can ensure objectivity in studying the social reaction to a particular behavior. The fourth question answered in this midterm will be that of alienation. I will explain what alienation is and why it is intrinsic of bureaucratic systems. I will also show social consequences that emerge and persist when ignored by that power. Finally, the last question that will be answered is that of social integration understanding. Explaining why suicide is a social behavior rather than an act. Finally answering this, I will explain whether it would be considered deviant or not, and why.
Charles Wright Mills was an American Sociologist that addressed the responsibilities of intellectuals in post-World War II society and advocated relevance and engagement over disinterested academic observation. Mills was influenced by that of Marxist ideas and the theories of Max Weber. Highly critical of capitalism, bureaucracies, and the elite classes particularly in the United States. He recognized that there is an inter-relationship between the individual person and their society as a whole that must be understood in the context of history and the...

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..., gender, or behavior. It is stated in our text that we communicate primarily through nonverbal communication. This is where we use our actions instead of words by our expressions such as that of the face, hand gestures, head, our eye contact, body posture, walk, touch, personal space, or status symbols.
Ensuring positive outlooks from our childhood, praises we received, goals we achieved and continue to strive for, being more understanding of our role within the social interacting world (society), and making sure we prosper are all crucial and relative in the growing process of life. Social interaction, no matter how big or small of an impact it may be to individuals, has some effect on our daily lives. As we continue to see ourselves through the eyes of others and adapt to their behavior, only then can we truly understand the concept of social interaction.

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