Essay about The Contributions Of Andrew Jackson

Essay about The Contributions Of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson had a number of accomplishments the first one being the Jacksonian Democracy. The Jacksonian democracy was a political movement that he and his supporters started. The movement was to make the democracy better for the common men and celebrated white supremacy. This movement was suppose to be a democratic movement to enforce powerful ideals but of course only for white men. Jackson had a lot of supports most of them being farmers. Jackson claimed to want more land for plantation and also wanted to aid hard working farmers, planters and equality for all white males. The movement was for equality of farmers and white men but farmers in South Carolina began to worry that Jacksonians would endanger them because they feared Jackson lacked vigilance to protect their needs. This lead to the nullification crisis and oppositionists were angered by Jackson and said that Jacksonians brought corruption and tyranny instead of democracy.
Jackson 's second accomplishment is the Dismantle of the second Bank of the U.S. Andrew Jackson announced that the government would no longer use the Second Bank of the U.S. in 1833. Jackson did not like that the bank lacked fundings for the expansion of western territories and used executive power to remove federal funds from the bank. Jackson started an investigation into the bank 's policy and political agenda once he settled in the White House. Jackson just wanted to dismantle the bank once and for all because to him the bank only privileged businessmen more than the common people ,after all Jackson was the people 's man but he started to run into trouble. Nicholas Biddle was fighting against Jackson and used congress to do so. Congress did not give Biddl...

... middle of paper ... of his time retired with his son and grandson. He then began a hobby on reading many newspaper. He then began to collect and arrange papers for a biography by Amos Kendall.
People may have praised Andrew Jackson when he was president but historians do not, at least not all of them. There were historians that ranked him at number 6, while others ranked him as number 13. The historians that ranked him at number 6 called him a hero, the common man warrior and said that he saved the union. While the rest that ranked him at number 13 said he was a villain, abused his power and called him King Andrew. Andrew was also called racist for causing the removal of the Indians which lead to the Trail of Tears. Although some historians ranked him at number 13, Andrew Jackson was not said to be one of the worst president in the US, he still did many great things for the country.

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