The Contribution Of Solomon Foot Essay

The Contribution Of Solomon Foot Essay

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Biography of Solomon Foot
Solomon foot was born on November 19th, 1802 to Dr. Solomon Foot and Betsey Crossett Foot, In Cornwall, Vermont. He was the Senator of Vermont from March 4, 1851 to March 28, 1866. Before he was elected senator he was a member of the United States House of Representatives from the first district of Vermont from March 4, 1843 to March 3, 1847. Solomon Foot played a small role in the Kansas-Nebraska Act, however he was very passionate on the fact that he was completely against slavery and opposed the expansion of slavery. His education, child-life, and where he was raised played a major role in his political beliefs and where he stood on abolition. (Solomon)
As stated before, Solomon Foot was the son of Dr. Solomon Foot, and Betsey Crossett Foot. His Father died when he was nine-years old, causing him to have to start working in order to support his family. He worked on local farms while he was young, and while he was attending Middleberry College, where he received his undergraduate degree and his masters degree in Natural Philosophy. He became a professor at the Vermont Medical School. While he was teaching he began to study law, and then received entry to the Bar exam in 1831. In 1833, he was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives, and then he was elected again in 1836 when he remained in office until 1839. During his second turn in the Vermont house of Representatives he was elected Speaker of the House. He held that from 1837 to the end of his time in the house, in 1839. In 1842, Foot was elected to the United States House of Representatives. He was a Congressmen for the House for two terms. At the end of his second term, he declined the offer for another nomination to the house. He returne...

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...iberty were one of those things. It has been said that he was a kindred spirit and known as a moral leader to those surrounding him. His passion was an inspiration to abolitionists in the north and was seen as a threat to those in the south.
In conclusion, Solomon Foot was a very kind-hearted, passionate man who had a love for all people, not just those that fell under a certain criterion. His love for liberty stood out among his many qualities. Even though he was a very private person, and preferred to keep to himself, his beliefs and what he found most important where very big issues and he showed a lot of passion for them. Information on this Senator was slim because he requested to have all his documents and information burned following his death on March 28th 1966. Him and his family preferred that their lives remain private, and it is hard to understand why.

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