Contributing Factors Affecting Student Motivation Essay

Contributing Factors Affecting Student Motivation Essay

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What contributing factors affect student motivation towards success in college? Motivation is a force that helps people to achieve what they yearn to be, which helps people conquer obstacles to reach a goal. Students can be physically present in the classroom, but mentally absent. Many things can play a factor in student academic success from the quality of the professors’ lecture, to sufficient and modern facilities or the effective engagement between student and professors. In many researches including the books Lives on the Boundary by Mike Ross and Academically Adrift by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa it demonstrates factors that students face in the achievement of academic success. Those factors that coincide on student academic success are motivation, life responsibilities, and preparation.
One contributing factor towards student success is student motivation. Motivation is reading unassigned books out of class that relate to the class subject matter, just to expand his or her knowledge. The need or want type of actions a persons’ mentality is, to reach a per...

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