Contrastive Analysis : A Comparative Study Of A Pair Of Languages Essay

Contrastive Analysis : A Comparative Study Of A Pair Of Languages Essay

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Contrastive analysis ( CA ) is the systematic study of a pair of languages with a view to identifying their structural differences and similarities between the first language and the target language . Contrastive Analysis was extensively used in the 1960s and early 1970s as a method of explaining why some features of a Target Language were more difficult to acquire than others. Contrastive analysis is concerned with the comparison of two languages for the purpose of translation and foreign language teaching . The contrastive analysis Hypothesis claimed that all the errors made in learning the L2 could be related to interference by the L1 . CA has often been done for practical / pedagogical purposes . The goals of Contrastive Analysis can be stated as follows: to make foreign language teaching more effective, to find out the differences between the first language and the target language based on the assumptions that: (1) foreign language learning is based on the mother tongue, (2) similarities facilitate learning (positive transfer), (3) differences cause problems (negative transfer/Interference), (3) via contrastive analysis, problems can be predicted and considered in the curriculum.

What is contrastive analysis ?

Contrastive analysis (CA), a method of linguistic analysis is concerned with a pair of languages and its main assumption is founded on the comparison of different languages .CA also includes contrastive grammar which identifies and characterizes special domain in languages . The idea of contrastive analysis grew out of observing students learning a second language. Each student or group of students tended to repeat the same linguist...

... middle of paper ... of a pair of language in order to identifying their differences and similarities with the supposition the different elements between the native and the target language will cause learning problems, while similar elements will not cause any problems . The main idea of contrastive analysis , as suggested by Robert Lado in his book Linguistics Across Cultures (1957), was that it is possible to identify the areas of difficulty a particular foreign language will present for native speakers of another language by systematically comparing the two languages and cultures . Where the two languages and cultures are similar , learning difficulties will not be anticipated , where they are different , then learning difficulties are to be expected , and the greater the difference, the greater the degree of expected difficulty.

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