Contrasting the Politics, History, Economics and Education of China and the US

Contrasting the Politics, History, Economics and Education of China and the US

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China, a fast-developing country in the 21st century has a long way to go to catch up with America, a well-developed country. The differences between the two countries are part of the reasons why this happen. In political aspect, they have different systems to function. In historical aspect, China has a different history from the United States. In the economical way, China is making a great progress, but the poverty and unemployment still commonly exist in the country while the US does a better job on eliminating the poverty. When talking about the educations between two countries, the one in America is considered more humane and more advanced. Even though China developed very rapidly, many differences still exist between them and America, including the political system, history, economy, and education.
First, China has a totally distinctive political system from the one in the US. Communism is the only party in China whereas there are more than one parties in America. The two major parties in the US are Democratic and Republican. Different parties supervise each other and make sure the president and the governors are not corrupt and the government functions well.
"China's controlling force is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It has a parallel hierarchy comprising elected congresses and committees functioning from village level upwards and taking orders from above. A national party congress every five years elects a central committee of about 371 members (198 of whom have full voting powers) that meets twice a year and elects a Politburo of about 25 members, with an inner-standing committee of around nine members as effectively the highest decision-making body in China. The Politburo is supported by a five-...

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