Contrast Of Government Paid College Tuition Essay

Contrast Of Government Paid College Tuition Essay

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Compare and Contrast of Government Paid College Tuition
One question that currently lingers in the political arena of the United States is how government should approach the relevant problem of ever increasing college tuition. Coupled with the apparent student debt crisis currently taking place in the United States, the issue of socialized college tuition as well as student debt forgiveness policies has been pertinent in the lives of many Americans. Individuals from both ends of the political spectrum advocate for different sides of the argument, with liberals arguing for the abolition of college tuition, and conservatives arguing that the benefits of receiving a college tuition are enough to justify the price of college. Despite their differences, they both desire the same end result: a significant improvement to society. There are both benefits and disadvantages to completely socializing college tuition and keeping tuition the same, however given the current state of affairs, the United States government cannot afford to take the conservative route, and must progressively address the issue of student debt by abolishing college tuition.
If the United States government were to redirect funds and pay for college tuition, one major benefit would be the improvement on individual students’ lives. As of 2014, two thirds of college seniors graduate with around $29,000 in student loan debt. By having government pay for college tuition, obviously student debt would cease to exist, thus allowing students to step out of college and into their career debt free. This is even economically viable when you consider that one billion dollars of taxpayer money goes to supporting federal debt collectors in their endeavor in hunting down those who...

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...n linked to the American dream for decades: social mobility. Providing social mobility allows for citizens of lower class to work their way up to higher social standings, thus improving the socioeconomic state of affairs in America. While it is true that only 20 percent of the poorest 2 percent of American citizens presently attend college, even with the help of grants, providing completely free college will allow for equal opportunity. This is especially true considering that what upper class citizens would save in attending a tuition free college, they lose in the raise in taxes to support the free tuition policy. The rich would not get much richer after all. What would grow richer would be America by allowing for greater social mobility, expanding its educated population, increasing its GDP due to the educated populace and overall, benefitting Americans as a whole.

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