Essay on The Contradiction Of Double Consciousness

Essay on The Contradiction Of Double Consciousness

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several projects. The contradiction of Double consciousness, leaves him feeling unfulfilled. He struggles to cope with the two identities, husband and employee. However he works to defeat this double conscious feeling by working with his service officer. He negotiates flexible working hours so he is able to fulfill his role in the company and his role as a husband without the two conflicting.
The two concepts are perhaps the most powerful writing of the sheer burden of African-American in our society. Ever though the story was written many decades ago, many African-American today reflect on how things haven’t changed much over time. Still today American will conceptualize what is “Black” and what is “American”.
In addition to African-Americans, we see other groups being discriminated against today. Report’s for the analysis from enotes state, “groups are Hispanic, Asians, gays, non-Christians, the elderly, and women”. Some may say “women can’t technically be a minority, women are not always afforded the same opportunities as men. The report goes on to say history has shown that women have to face many wanted hardships brought on by society” (
For example, the media negatively influences women by causing them to strive for an unrealistic, and oftentimes unhealthy, body image so that they will be “more valuable” to men. During the presidential election allegations against Donald Trump surfaced. Several women said he had made unwanted sexual advances towards them.( The media have also reported he called the former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”, fat, and overweight. (

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...non-Christians, the elderly, and even women. Last I compared a movement recently created to combat discrimination against the
African-American people in the 21st century. The organization “Black life Matters”formed to protest police violence against black people and broader issues of racial profiling, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system. Many years have pasted and America has not found the answer to racism and discrimination. We ask ourselves when will we ever learn. When will realize when the constitution was created, it was created with all men in mind, whites, black, yellow, and brown. The constitution was create so all men would be free and provide certian rights; right such as life, lebity and the pursue of happiness, no matter the color of their skin or the content of their character. Equality and a life to live the American dream.

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