Contradiction Between the Theory of Evolution and the Bible Essays

Contradiction Between the Theory of Evolution and the Bible Essays

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Charles Darwin was a British scientist who founded the theory of evolution and changed the way we think about the natural world. Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 and lived during the Industrial Revolution. As a child, Darwin initially planned to become a doctor, but his plan terminated when he joined the five year expedition on the survey ship, the HMS Beagle, in 1831. In the expedition, Darwin developed a theory and published a book call The Origin of Species. This book was the beginning of what we know about evolution, and it was controversial. The book brought disputations between devoted christians and darwinists on the validity of evolution. During that period of time, most Europeans believed that the world was created by God in seven days and thought evolution was challenging the existence of God. Darwin’s theory of evolution challenges traditional beliefs by contradicting the bible. Even though Darwin took his this theory back before he died, his works still affect us today. He left an eternal effect.
The contradiction of the bible and the theory of evolution began when Darwin wrote The Origin of Species. Darwin, who was a naturalist and companion, boarded the HMS Beagle in 1831-1836. In his journey, he collected mockingbirds, finches and others animals from Galápagos Island. While collecting, he started to notice the differences among the same animal on each island, for example, the mockingbirds on Galápagos Islands have a darker color than other mockingbirds on other Galápagos Island (Biggs). Darwin’s curiosity sparked when a total of fourteen different species of finches were found on the Galápagos Island. Darwin began to observe the reason why there are variations between these finches. While Darwin was researching...

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...e still affecting us today.

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