Continuum Of Care For A Network Of Healthcare Essay examples

Continuum Of Care For A Network Of Healthcare Essay examples

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Continuum of Care inheres to a network of care providers that are aligned and collaboratively work together as a team to manage care for a patient through all settings of care within a timely, effective manner by reducing waste, cost, variation, and duplication while promoting effective outcomes (Dunn, June 20, 2013). When healthcare services are structurally integrated, care is easily managed across the continuum and is most successfully (Dunn, June 20, 2013). Also, the developing and following of an effective transitional care plan plays a significant role in how patients go from one care setting to the other while receiving safe, patient-centered, and quality care that is efficient with good outcomes (Joint of Commission Enterprise, n.d).

James Robertson is 54 years old, married with two children and lives in North Brunswick Township in Middlesex County, Central New Jersey. James has lived in North Brunswick Township for over 15 years in a suburban town that has a population estimate of 42,000 residents where 50% of the people are Caucasians (CityMelt, n.d). The average age group is 41 years old and the median household income is $60,000 (CityMelt, n.d).

James works as a manager for the New Jersey State Government and earns a good salary that includes employee benefits, such as healthcare insurance.

With New Jersey having a high rate of cancer and having a history of cancer in his family, James became very concern, because he was not feeling well. He was feeling very fatigued, constipated, have had episodes of abdomen pain, and rectal bleeding (Crosta, 2004-2016).

Dr. Hamsa Gangaswamiaih M.D. who is an Internist located in Edison, NJ collaborates with a continuum of care network of healthcare providers in Mi...

... middle of paper ...

...tional out-of-pocket co-payments and deductibles that must be paid. By earning a substantial income and having Aflac cancer insurance, the out-pocket expenses are affordable.

With a history of cancer in James family, he opened a cancer insurance policy years ago, with American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac). This policy came in handy when James was diagnosed with colon Cancer. The cancer insurance policy paid him whenever he had outpatient cancer treatment and inpatient stays. By having this cancer insurance policy, it offsets the additional out-of-pocket expenses that had to be paid during James ongoing colon cancer treatment and made his treatment more affordable.

With having good healthcare insurance and cancer insurance, it contributed to James receiving access to quality care for his treatment of colon cancer in a timely and effective manner.

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