Continuing to Smoke while Lessening the Risk Essays

Continuing to Smoke while Lessening the Risk Essays

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One of the most notable challenges in today’s business operation is knowing the buying behavior of customers and how decision makers under peril provision value choices. Decision maker’s decision is based on the evaluation of the data being gathered from survey, interviews and other references regarding the topic.
In compliance with this philosophy Cummings et. al (2004) conducted a study to appraise the cigarette purchase pattern of smokers in Erie and Niagara Countries. Based on their research, price can also be a great influence in smoking behavior. Caponnetto et. al (2012) also recognizes that using electronic cigarette can aid smokers to quit from smoking, can help in decreasing cigarette consumption or to continue have smoking experience but with lessen health risk.
In national set-up, Republic Act No.8749 or the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 state the license of every citizen to clean air forbid smoking inside enclosed public places including public vehicles and other means of transport and directs local government units to implement this condition. This Act explains the scientific evidence has an unequivocally established that tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke reason for death disease and disability. For this reason of producers of E-Cigarette use this to promote their product.
In Davao City, according to the new anti-smoking ordinance of Davao City, Ordinance No. 0367-12, series of 2012. “Smoking any tobacco product or using electronic device system ShiSha is rigidly obstructive. Any person smoking any tobacco product or using electronic devices in hindered areas are entitled to suffer a corresponding punishment”.
The research being inclined about the buying behavior of E-cigarette smokers in Davao Cit...

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...and Conceptual framework
This study is anchored on the prospect theory. This theory examines how consumers value their potential gains and losses result from making decision in purchasing a product. According to D. Kahneman and Amos Tversky “prospect theory”: An analysis of decision under risk “Econometrica” (1979) who declare that this function is about consumer expectation of the pleasure of pain compared with a particular decision result. They also added that prospect theory foretell that references will depend on how a problem is framed.
This study tackles about the five (5) indicators and how they affect the buying behavior of electronic cigarette smokers; Self-identity, Experience, Culture Value. Advertising and Word of Mouth. The respondent’s profile: sex, age, income, and educational background would also modify the consumer’s decision in purchasing product.

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