Essay Continuing the Africa

Essay Continuing the Africa

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From the moment my feet touched the asphalt in Great Lakes Illinois I knew that my journey was just the begining. I was about to be apart of the worlds best military fighting force, where only less than 1% of americans have ever been. I was following a legacy set before me; passed down from my mother and father, along with both of their parents and so on.
I joined the military the summer of 2009, 11 days after my highschool graduation. I knew I wanted to join since I was little and there really was no talking me out of it. I didn't join because of the uniforms or the money because those were not the issues I belived would make me a better person. I wanted to join to serve my country and make my parents proud. In my head I always knew though I did not want to make it a career, I wanted to do my first enlistment and get out and join a college preferably one close to home.
I've been all over the world at the age of 22 seeing things that in my head I am still trying to grasp the concept of, the way certain people behave and the effects that one little butterfly can cause. When talkin...

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