Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Smart Homes Essay

Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Smart Homes Essay

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The vast majority of older adults reside in many communities today. Though many older adults live in their own homes, there are an increasing number of those choosing continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), which range from independent apartments to assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities. With predictions of a large increase in the segment of the population aged 65 and older, an increase in demand on CCRCs can be anticipated. With these expectations, researchers have begun exploring the use of smart home information-based technologies in these care facilities to enhance resident quality of life and safety, but little evaluation research exists on older adults' acceptance and use of these technologies. Since chronic illness and declining health affect most people as they get older, placement in restricted housing environments like assisted living or nursing homes is fairly common. The reason this sort of placement occurs is because health assessments and medical care have traditionally required face to face meetings. The Smart Home technology can help these older adults stay in their own homes and keep their independency with the use of smart sensor technology. The technology can detect ones safety, activity levels around them, mobility adaptability, and health screening (Courtney, Demiris, Rantz, Skubic).
Smart home technologies are information-based technologies that passively collect and share resident information with the resident and family members, in addition to primary care providers. These devices collect multiple types of data, which include: physiological, location or movement data. Safety sensors are proven to be very helpful for those who may or may not be suffering from Alzheimer’s, or non-ambulatory ...

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