Context and Causes For The First Crusade. Essay

Context and Causes For The First Crusade. Essay

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The First Crusade began in an effort to retrieve Christian territory that was conquered by Muslims. The aim of the crusaders was to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem in the name of God. The Crusades were catapulted by a speech delivered from Pope Urban II in the city of Clermont. The passionate speech was centered on the Muslims, whose acts of savagery had sent all of Western Europe into a frenzy. The Byzantine emperor Alexius Commenous requested the Pope for aid to cease the Turks from invading. This led to an outcry as thousands of men, women, and children answered the pope’s message. Urban began to arrange his plan, and started a campaign asking others to preach in his favor. Though the ultimate outcome of the crusade was successful, many mistakes were made throughout the course of the war.
The amount of enthusiasm that followed was overwhelming. However, most of this support came from peasants whom were neither skilled nor trained for combat. When preaching, Urban had hoped listening knights would be available for battle. While knights proved to be the most glorious of fighters, they came at a price. Knights developed their true ability to fight as a mounted warrior. Their “warhorses” were extremely expensive and required an ample amount of care. While on tour, Urban tried to prevent certain types of people from joining the effort, but it proved to be difficult. There were more peasants than there were knights. Urban had the support and promises of two influential French leaders, Adhemar and Raymond. Urban also recruited many other famous leaders.
The outcome of peasants only led to more trouble. Peter the Hermit can be viewed as a figurehead of the people’s crusade. Peter can be described as a charismatic man who delive...

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... victory. According to Asbridge, if the first crusade had not been successful then these truly devout soldiers faith would “less pronounced” (Asbridge 336).
The fear of damnation, Asbridge explains, is what drove the Crusaders to conquer. There was not passionate dedication of fighting for the church. Asbridge believes more than anything it was a self-serving need of the desire to ascend into heaven. The papacy saw The First Crusade as an opportunity to manipulate and burn the religion of Islam.
Asbridge also states the Latin Christians were encouraged to believe that the Muslims were savages intent on destroying them. The unspeakable violence that followed only led the crusading movement to expand. More holy wars were fought, though none were successful as the first. The First Crusade was only the beginning of the rising conflict between Islam and Christianity.

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