Essay on Content Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Essay on Content Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Content marketing strategy creation step-by-step guidelines how to create content marketing strategy for your business

Whether you are a business trying to sell a product or an idea, or you are a content marketing team looking for some genuine advice, you will find it all here. Take a step-by-step look at what your content-marketing campaign should have, and have a peek at the problems you should avoid.

The Biggest Problems That Content Marketers Face

Let’s start with the problems that content marketers face, so that we may remove a few of the most common articles before beginning the strategy.

Increased Competition

There appears to be more and more content marketers vying for your advertising space and for your position on Google. They are pushing up the cost of affiliate advertising, and they are taking your traffic from social media.

The solution to this is not to post more often. This method only works if you do not have a target consumer. For example, the most successful independent (one person) YouTube channel is PewDiePie and he did it by posting almost every day. Yet, he doesn’t have a target audience he is trying to convert, which means he can focus on quantity over quality. If you are trying to educate and convert, you need to post better quality content rather than more content.

Jon Morrow said it the best when he said no matter how many TV channels appea--people still only watch the ones with the best content. (Jon Morrow)

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Keeping Quality CONSISTENTLY High

Even the best of us fail when it comes to keeping quality consistently high. Even moviemakers with millions of dollars in their budgets will fail. For example...

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... professional writers that are able to produce written content on almost any subject. They are good for deeper research projects too because many of their writers are academic writers.

CopyScape is not as popular as it used to be because fewer people duplicate content by stealing from other websites. However, if you are hiring other people to do your writing, you may find out if they have copied it off the Internet with Copyscape. It may also help you identify your own content duplication through technical problems, such as how people used to host the printer-friendly versions of their content on different web pages.

If you would like to photoshop or edit your photos without paying a lot of money, then the Gimp tool is probably for you. It is not as advanced as many of the very-expensive photoshopping tools, but it is quite sufficient for most intermediate users.

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