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Contemporary Paintings : Contemporary Art Essay

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Contemporary Portraits
Art is something that is a part of my everyday life, and each artist that I know has their own story and something unique about them. I am a weird person, and I have loads of things going on in my life, which is hard for me to put in words, which is why I tend to make art about how I feel, or my escape of the situation. For my AP portfolio concentration section I plan to create six contemporary portraits.
Contemporary art is art that is prevalent, things that are popular now. What is popular is always changing, and currently if you look on social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and We Heart It, you will see that most of the ‘art’ and other popular things on the sites involve floral, a vintage tint, solid colors, smeared paint, and things that deal with feelings and how an individual feels. Those social media sites are pretty popular, when it comes to individuals posting their ideas. Art in general does not have to be aesthetically pleasing, but with contemporary art, it is the same way. Are you making something because it is pretty, or because it means something to you. Contemporary art can go in many directions, the artwork can hold as much meaning as the artist want it to, or it can be as simple and boring as the artist decides to make it. “Contemporary art is art produced in our current era, including postmodern, and is often dismissed in comparison to “Fine Art”. Those who make contemporary art are not necessarily making it for a universal audience. The works may only appeal to a limited, educated artist or collectors and not care if their work is widely accepted” (Dowlin, Bailey). Those who create contemporary art are almost like the transcendentalist of the art world. Their art is d...

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...s, which I hate taking, and place them in random places throughout the canvas, the canvas won’t be completely covered by my face, since I want the coffee and tea to show through. I might even want the coffee and tea to show through on my face, but to design my face, I want to try different styles and methods of painting. Maybe one of the faces/selfies have a fauvist style and another have a cubism style.
Once I finish all six of these artworks, by May 6th, I will cry because I have completed such a stressful assignment in so little time. I will probably gain a lot more knowledge about contemporary art by the time I finish all of my concentration pieces. At the rate of stress, I am at right now, I am only giving myself a three overall on my AP portfolio. I haven’t started my concentration yet, so maybe as time goes on, I’ll give myself a different score.

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