Contemporary Information Systems : Reflective Report Essay

Contemporary Information Systems : Reflective Report Essay

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Contemporary Information Systems
Reflective report

Firstly, I would like to start this reflective report by expressing my gratitude for the opportunity to reflect on the work I have done in Contemporary Information Systems. This is really a fresh experience to me as I have never done this before. I believe this natural reflection process will benefit me in the long term. What’s most appealing to me is that we students got the chance to get involved and provide supply chain information that could support decision making for the management.

In this report, I will analyze my contribution to the group assignment 1 as well as to online forum. I will illustrate the knowledge and skills I have learned, and how these combined facilitated the completion of the course goals.

At the very beginning of this course, we were instructed to pair up with another classmate to work as business consultants on a group assignment with regards to Honda’s supply chain. Saira and I quickly established trust in each other and we agreed to work together towards this common goal. Soon, we divided the workload into halves: I would be responsible for writing part 1 – supply chain information for Honda while she would be working on part 2 – a supply chain information management system for Honda. After both parts were finished, we would work on part 3 together.

In order to understand the global automobile manufacturer Honda, I did some exploration of the organization online, through its website and other resources. After getting some basic idea about Honda’s business operation and structure, we agreed to choose its world famous automobile division as our focus for analysis. A rich picture was used to identify key information to be collected from Honda’s sup...

... middle of paper ...

...ined executive summary, a brief introduction, well-presented findings and a concise conclusion. The process of filling in the actual content gave me the opportunity to organize my thoughts and express myself in a way that is to the point and easy to understand by readers.

In conclusion, the group project undertaken went well and the partnership was a good one throughout the project. The reading activities and weekly contribution to online forums have served their purpose and expanded my intellectual horizons. However, there are also areas that I could improve on. Due to other assignments at hand, the time restraint was unavoidable. If we could have committed more time, we could have pushed the group work further by doing more research.

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