Essay about Contemporary Aspects Of Pop Culture

Essay about Contemporary Aspects Of Pop Culture

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Our society today is extremely different than it was a hundred years ago. People don’t just dress differently; they act differently and see things from new perspectives. Life will never go back to the way it used to be. But how did our culture change so much? What happened in our past that brought society to this point? The answer lies in the 1960s. Various aspects in pop culture during this time period caused American society to become what it is today.
The definition of pop culture is a combination of books, music, and other daily activities that make up the identity of a society. One aspect of pop culture in the 60s was what people chose to wear. Clothing in the 1960s defied all traditional views of fashion. This decade broke out of the norm and stepped into the unconventional. It was the age of bikinis, go-go boots, and mini-skirts. Never before had neon colors and mismatched patterns been fashionable. This fashion trend, along with many more that were introduced in the 1960s, brought the United States out of the stage where women wore long skirts and men wore suits. Nina Pitchkites described one fashion as, “Optic art, or otherwise known as ‘Op’ art, …People wore clothes with optic or illusional designs on them” (Personal Communication, 2010). Another woman, Connikie Yvonne, stated, “Just about anything that Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn wore was popular. They wore slim, sleeveless dresses worn with a pearl necklace and earrings. Both wore pumps that had slim medium heels” (Personal Communication, 2010).These innovations in style not only changed the way people looked but also changed the mindset of many people. The youth of the 1960s was bringing about a new age through the way they expressed themselves. Tunics, short ski...

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...m. It was a time of when people “had the freedom to question the moral and spiritual health of the nation” (, 2014), when social reform changed our society for better and worse. Fashion went from conservative to outrageous when long skirts turned into miniskirts and suits turned into tie-dyed T-shirts and flared jeans, forever changing the way people look at clothing. Drugs were used on every corner inspiring a rebelliousness in people that has lasted to this day. Brian Ward said, “There is no denying that drugs…were a major factor in 1960s youth culture” (Personal Communication, 2016). Movies went from purely family films in earlier decades to hardcore action movies that spoke to the younger generation, while music did much of the same, encouraging diverse opinions. All these elements of 1960s pop culture have had a lasting impact on our culture today.

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