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The Consumption Of Food Groups Essays

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Food groups
The single most important change to my food group is increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. According to table 1, my average servings for fruits and vegetables is 4, which is half of the recommended amount of 8. All the other food groups are being consumed in moderation. An average of 12 servings compared to recommended 10 for grain products. An average of 2 servings compared to recommended 2 for milk and alternatives. An average of 4 (rounded from 3.8) servings for meat and alternatives compared to recommended 3. Although I am meeting the recommended servings for 3 out of the 4 food groups, I am not having a balanced diet because that requires the combination of all nutrients. This is really hard to do if I am not consuming fruits and vegetables, because eating a variety of many different foods will increase my chance to get the maximum amount of nutrients (Pincivero, 2016).
As shown in table 2, my caloric intake is an average 2997.7. This all comes from my diet as I do not consume any supplements. This is only 6 kcal under my estimated energy requirement (EER), which is an ideal situation as I am getting just enough of the required calories to maintain my current weight. Table 2 shows that my macronutrient percent intakes are within the acceptable macronutrient distribution range (AMDR) of 20-35 percent for fats, 10-35 percent for protein, and 46-65 percent for carbohydrate. My percent fat intake is 23.0, percent protein intake is 14.3, and percent carbohydrate intake is 62.7. My average protein intake is 105.3g, which fits the recommended dietary allowances (RDA) of 75-363g. The single best food source of protein from my three-day food records is naan bread. Since I have started working out an...

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...of body tissues. My vitamin A deficiency can result in a weakened immune system. Vitamin D deficiency can cause ostemalacia (softening of the bones). Vitamin E deficiency can result in nerve problems (Diet and Nutrition, 2015) Water-soluble vitamins (B vitamins (8), vitamin C) are required more frequently than fat-soluble because they easily get into the CV and the kidney will remove water from the CV system. Therefore, the water-soluble vitamins are readily excreted from our body in urine. Vitamin C is required for bone health and a deficiency results into scurvy (Diet and Nutrition, 2015). Potassium(4891.2mg), fibre (46.2g), calcium (1379.1mg), iron (34.4mg), thiamin (4.0mg), riboflavin (3.1mg), vitamin B6 (2.3mg), and vitamin B12 (2.7mcg) are all above their RDA/AI and under their TUL (if they have one). They are in their healthy ranges, so there isn’t a concern.

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