The Consumption Of Dairy Products Essay

The Consumption Of Dairy Products Essay

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When defined by healthy foods our government tells us that we need to intake a certain amount of vegetables, fruits, healthy protein, whole grains, and dairy products and to maintain low amounts of fatty oils and sugary drinks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When we take a look, Dairy products is one of those we need to intake daily to reach the sufficient amount of calcium that is said that is needed for our bodies. Were brought up to believe we need to drink several glasses a day to get the calcium that is needed for strong bones and other beneficial qualities you take when you consume dairy. Although it is recommendation of what we need to intake daily is it not necessarily needed to consume that much milk and is it even a good thing to drink or eat that much dairy products daily. When we pick up a gallon of milk or other dairy products we don’t questions what’s in it and how it became to be in the container it is. We don’t worry about how we have preconceived views of dairy products and where they came from. If we take a moment and realizes from the young age milk has been part of our life, as a child we consume milk straight out of the womb if it’s not form our mothers its formula then as we grow older as toddlers we drink more then 3 cups or more cups of cow’s milk every day and so on. We’ve grown around milk basically all of our lives. According to Goldberg Milk and other dairy products contribute 70% of the calcium intake in the United States. Is one of the biggest source we consume for calcium , We not only consume the dairy but add dairy to other meals like cereal, oatmeal and when baking .But yet we’ve never asked nor thought what’s in milk and how it’s projected and displayed by not only our government but by media a...

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...and eggs were higher in commercial dairy and layer farms in comparison of local farms. Indiscriminate and irrational use of antibiotics in livestock without following withdrawal period may result in unexpected residues in food supplies and could cause serious health hazards to consumers. So then with all the antibiotic consumption thru dairy we risk possibly growing immune to antibiotics and therefore have having risks from dying from simple illness that could be treated with antibiotics. It seems we have become master the skill of switching off our empathy when we hear about these things but in fact this is happening every day. Dairy behind the cartoon of milk and cup of yogurt lays abuse and torture of these creatures. But our Image of these creatures and where our dairy comes form has to do with the image we have created and given to us thru diary advertisement.

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