Essay on The Consuming Habits Of Lgbt Individuals

Essay on The Consuming Habits Of Lgbt Individuals

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New Question: Is there a link between the consuming habits of LGBT individuals, given the wide acceptance of their lifestyle?

On June 26, 2015 Gay marriage was legalized, marking a monumental and historic moment in history. Nowadays you see and hear through all different forms of media about being gay lesbian bi-sexual and/or transgender. A cultural shift is occurring in society today bringing the LGBT conversation to the forefront in media. In the political arena, LGBT equality issues are continuously in debate. In pop culture, there are now more positive representations of LGBTs as demonstrated by two popular TV shows ‘Glee’ and ‘Modern Family.’ Being homosexual and expressing your sexuality is very predominated in today 's society. Given that being gay or lesbian is now normalized many companies are trying to capitalize on it. Therefore, I believe there is a link between the consuming habits of the LGBT community due to more companies trying to advertise to them through advertisements via different platforms of media.

Explanation on the shift of the gay market. Each year companies spend millions of dollars trying to advertise their product to consumers especially now to their homosexual customers. Companies have now set up divisions within the companies with it sole purpose is to focus on LGBT marketing. LGBT marketing also known as “Gay marketing” or “gay and lesbian marketing” refers to advertising campaigns designed to appeal to gay male and/or lesbian consumers” The term gay market can be explained as advertising aimed at more directly gay male and lesbian females. The gay market has been part of a major shift of the entertainment and advertising industry especially with the last 30 years. Advertising to LGBT people...

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... business did not only decrease by those in the LGBT community, but by supporters of this cultural shift. In the event that yes, as time goes on the need to consume increase, however, depending of how the product is advertised is the leading factor on if the product gets brought or not. Those who need how to sale their product and know who and when top sale it to are the companies benefiting from the most profit growth. So when it comes down to it, the driving force is the advertisement.

Overall, the idea behind gay marketing is to market into those who companies may not normally think of when they want to advertise a product. But with time, minor and major companies saw an opportunity to increase business and brand loyalty. The fact that these companies spend time and money to create company divisions whose sole purpose is to focus on advertising to homosexuals.

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