Consumer Sovereignty And Our Current Us Healthcare System Essay

Consumer Sovereignty And Our Current Us Healthcare System Essay

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3. Write an essay explaining the notion of “consumer sovereignty” and explain where, in our current US healthcare system, you might find consumer sovereignty. (3 points)
Consumer sovereignty states that consumers have the power, autonomy to make choices, they have the right to say what should or what should not be done. It supports consumer values over professional autonomy. It implies that the best way to benefit a society is to reduce the cost of products while proving them with high quality so that consumers could chose wisely by purchasing products at low prices but high quality.
Consumer Sovereignty in Healthcare: Fact or Fiction?. Available from: [accessed Oct 13, 2015].
Consumer sovereignty believes on the fact that consumers are the ones who gives the orders and the entrepreneur or the CEO’s are the ones who just follow their orders, not that consumers are helpless and needs to buy what’s given to them. Consumers have the power to decide what should be produced and what must not be produced and at what price. So what happens in the economy is that you have got all materials things that are combined to make all those goods, but consumer sovereignty allows you to decide what should be produced according to the requirements of the consumers. And what that corresponds to is that producers are spending more on production than the consumers are paying. Consumers are spending too little on the output as compared to entrepreneur spending on the input. Let’s say there are two people having a bookstore competing against each other, one of them stocks his bookshelf according to consumers demand and he focuses on satisfying his custom...

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...gists can use their effective networks for the reporting of these data to local, state/ provincial, and national health departments. They need to actively seek broad popular support for their campaigns, so that government and different charitable organizations at every level can begin to recognize the urgent need to provide the necessary financial support.
In addition neoliberalism focuses on individual responsibility that supports the value of the individual rather than common good, by thinking about what economic behavior, health regulations would be beneficial for them. This can be achieved through better education, health related policies and campaigns. This can be achieved through epidemiological studies as these studies are helpful in determining the differences within and between social groups, explaining what is good and bad by using their epidemiologic data.

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