Essay on Consumer Profile And Analysis : Decision Making

Essay on Consumer Profile And Analysis : Decision Making

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3. Consumer Profile & Analysis
1. Decision-making
Decision-making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker (Harris, 1998). Decision-making typically reflects systematic attribute-by-attribute processing and is characterized as conscious, analytical, reason-based, and relatively slow. The model implies that customers pass through all stages in every purchase. However, in more routine purchases, Generation Y often skips or reverse some of the stages.
Decision making is more complex and even more important for Generation Y today than in the past. Modern society growth rapidly, Generation Y hard to find the right information to satisfy their needs. On one hand, these information gives their multiple choice of products. On the other hand, they would be easily influenced and changed their mind by this information. The individuality in Generation Y’ behaviour when choosing between alternate products is perhaps the most widely analysed topic in consumer-criteria studies (Sproles. George. and Kendall. Elizabeth., 1986).
In general, the purchasing of goods or services includes a number of factors that could affect each decision. According to Sproles and Kendall (1986), from psychographic/lifestyle approach, a mental orientation characterizing a consumer’s consumer approach to making consumer choice during their buying behaviour. In fact, it can be defined as a consumer decision-making style. Furthermore, a rational consumer (Alice) who has strong brand conscious and price equals quality orientation is also belong to consumer psychographic appeal.

2. Motivation
Ideally, an individual progresses up the hierarchy until their dominant motivation is to focus on ‘ultima...

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...tance, a distinct relationship shows that we aimed at the reference group, then they will influence the target consumer and stimulate them to follow group behaviour. It is important that we should focus on delivery the positive product information and create an attractive brand to this reference group.

5.1 Family
“Family as a consuming and decision making unit is a central phenomenon in marketing and consumer behaviour” (Commuri. S. & Gentry. J. W., 2000). As an individual always make the closet contact with family. On one side, family members can strongly influence buyer behaviour. By contrast, for many younger consumers, they automatically learn by observing the consumption behaviour of their family members and will have the similar ongoing consumption behaviour (Ward, 1974). The family members play different roles during decision making, refer to figure 5.

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