Consumer Doubt Toward New Product Innovation Essay

Consumer Doubt Toward New Product Innovation Essay

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Past researches believed that an organization should thoroughly focus on consumer starting from idea generation stage until product launch. As suggested by Sanden et al., (2006) that in order to potentially achieve higher consumer value, consumer satisfaction and high profit margins from new product, activation of consumer in the development process is strongly advised. Therefore, consumer acceptance level is as important as the product itself and a company should be cautious of potential rejection which leads to product failure. This paper aims to elaborate one of the factors behind product failure, namely the concept of consumer doubt towards new product as found in recent study by Saaksjarvi and Morel (2010). This concept will be explained together with its indicators and lastly we will follow the explanation with future research direction to enrich the findings which will be supported with small scale primary research.
The relationship between new product development and organization’s success is now important to be acknowledged. Past research found that new product development is a crucial activity to conduct if a company aims to secure a long term survival and growth (Brown and Eisenhardt, 1995; Clark and Fujimoto, 1991; Craig and Hart, 1992). The process itself is really complex due to expensive and risky as Page (1993) indicated that large portion of product development budgets going towards new product failures. High rate of failure have been faced by most companies and ironically only a small portion of the new product ideas are commercially successful (Booz, 1980). To avoid this situation, a company should identify the underlying reasons of product failure for the opportunity ...

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