Essay on Consumer Decision Making And Funnel Marketing And Runescape

Essay on Consumer Decision Making And Funnel Marketing And Runescape

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Consumer Decision Making and Funnel Marketing and Runescape
Dawn Deshaies – Full Sail University Student
Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis Class

The five stages of online consumer decision making process are need recognition/problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and last but not least post purchase behavior. These five steps are very important for the fact that they help to guide shoppers while helping them to decide what they should purchase. These steps also help to improve their need, while it strengthen the relationship with the seller to increase their profit. I will go over these and then explain how they fit into my company when it comes to funnel marketing.
Need recognition, problem recognition – a customer is never going to buy something they have no intention of using. The customer has to actually want it, desire it, or you have to convince them they can use it in a way that will benefit them. Now even though buyer behavior does not always come into play with this a business must make sure that the price, look, and item are well marketed and can stand out from the competition with good reviews so it may bring in or convince a potential customer to buy it. A good example would be your kids are driving you nuts, they want to go to the mall all day and you can’t leave because you have a huge paper to write. Plus it is annoying to be pestered over something that possibly can wait (actual situation). But you don’t judge the situation you solve it with them gone for day it would give you the time to write your paper so you spend $50.00 for the babysitter to take them instead. That is acceptable and purchase behavior is not involved because it is low level decis...

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...layers and current players consider to continue to pay for membership or play it or learn to play it. Intent is then involved by the key facts that it is a time consuming game and may take years to achieve everything. Will the seller be able to keep the customer interested and playing while the customer tries to accomplish and play the game? Then there is decision when the customer decides if the game is the best one to play. If they do play buyer behavior does come in play while they play it on decisions on if they will purchase things for it, continue membership, and the company has to keep the client updated, and interested while building relationship with the players to build their brand and keep them playing. So business continues to thrive and it works out good for not just the customer but the brand itself and the company that markets Runescape.

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