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Octopus Card is a single card which integrates in our daily life and plays a significant role in the country. Since 1997, the Octopus officially launched the fare collection system in Hong Kong (Octopus Cards Limited, 2014). The early Octopus Card allowed user to travel across various public transport such as bus, rail and ferry. It is a successful starting to make everyday life easier for users. The Octopus obtained Deposit-taking Company authorization from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in 2000 (Octopus Cards Limited, 2014). The Octopus is allowed to provide a more extensive range of different applications in Hong Kong which can use in all public transport as well as the retail sector. Besides, the Octopus also starts to cooperate with different countries such as Netherlands, Dubai and China and to provide Octopus Card service in these countries since 2003 (Octopus Cards Limited, 2014). The Octopus Card is prosperous to expand the market to overseas. There are more people who know about the Octopus and Octopus Card becomes international system which can represent Hong Kong. Nowadays, Octopus Card is completely becoming a part in our daily life. It is easily to find the applications using which always appear in nearby place. And the well development leading Octopus Card has diversified functions. The services of Octopus Card can be used in more way except for public transport and retail sector such as building security systems and public facilities. Some may argue that the Octopus is not a form of monopoly, and believe that there is no relationship between market structure and consumer choices. However evident shows consumer’s behavior has been changed since the introduction of the Octopus. In this paper, an attemp...

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