Consumer And Industrial Technologies Involving The Modern World Essay

Consumer And Industrial Technologies Involving The Modern World Essay

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Currently, as it is, income inequality is already a prevalent issue in today’s society where there is still currently a lot of people employed. “As of 2013, the top 1% of households, the upper class owned almost 39.8% of all privately held wealth in the United States” (Bloomberg 2014). Imagine as society gets further along, technology wise and more advanced, the distribution of wealth and money will be heavily tilted towards C.E.Os, corporations, and business owners. As jobs become obsolete, the general population will live in less than desirable conditions and increase the poverty rates across the world.
As the demand for new technologies and inventions keep rising, so will the need for materials from our environment in order to create them. “Examples of consumer and industrial technologies involving the use of rare earths include iPhones, Blackberries, fiber optics, computer disk drives and memory chips, LCDs, superconductors, X-ray tubes, lasers, petroleum refining, and magnets” (Hensel 173). A lot of precious minerals that have to be excavated from deep within the earth, to create most of our electronic devices. Some of the minerals that are used in electronics are magnesium, copper, and lithium, which are all in limited supply. When discovered in an area, companies will ruin the land with the excavating of land, clearing of the indigenous plants and trees, also contaminating nearby water sources with chemicals from their machinery and byproducts of the minerals themselves like thorium (radioactive waste).
As mines keep getting built and the precious minerals get excavated, thorium waste builds up as byproduct, it usually is found next to rare minerals but does not have much of a real purpose:
Set of challenges for develop...

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...ate towards life, it shows that AI needs extreme direction and supervision. We are going to leave the decision of self-driving cars to swerve from a person standing in a street and into a sidewalk where there are other people standing by. Once it gets past that point and it can think for itself, it will be comparable to a terminator movie, where we can have robots killing people.
To quote the Nikola Tesla, a visionary and great inventor years ahead of his time, “You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension”. This is the road we are headed down. Society cannot be handicapped by technology, have to fight the urge to succumb to its temptations of accessibilities and facilitating our lives. Much like Odysseus in Homers Odyssey, we as a society must navigate from the sirens song that which is technology, avoid crashing our ship and dooming mankind.

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