Consumer Advertising : A Potentially Powerful Source Of Consumer Health Information

Consumer Advertising : A Potentially Powerful Source Of Consumer Health Information

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Direct to consumer advertising is a potentially powerful source of consumer health information. It is used to promote its prescription products directly to patients. Currently it’s only permitted in the US and New Zealand. Regulatory agencies in other countries have not allowed it due to concerns regarding the impact on public health.
The advertising gives the audience key distinctions to the products and should give the truth about the product. Advertising gives you information on what the drug is for and possible side effects and dangers from taking the drug. I would say that Direct to consumer advertising is ethical if the advertising is intended for goodwill of patients. The advertising should be clear about its intentions and refrain from hidden agendas, does not hide its defects, or it doesn’t distorts the drugs capabilities. This act of goodwill should pursue better healthcare options for patients. Depending on the individual and the state of their condition advertising could sway a person into believing that the drug is a cure for whatever problem they are dealing with and can lead one to self-diagnosis. This tends to happen when the drug is new.
What’s right and what’s wrong- pharmaceutical companies that have direct to consumer drug advertising fulfilled their duty to place information about their drugs to the public and communicated their side effects. The ads should have both positive and negative effects. It is also the duty of the government to offer communication chance to drug companies to market their products as other companies and industries have the right to do so. This would mean that advertising the prescription drugs is morally right because the companies fulfilled their duty. According to...

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...ds are aired on tv and radio. All drugs do not have long term safety trails before advertising begins but because of the approval of the government the ads can be ran. This can cause questions and doubts to one if this is ethical or not. There is current available evidence that indicates the effect of DTCPA on consumers is both positive and negative.

I would rule out direct to consumer drug advertising as being unethical. Even though there has been criticism about this approach as to leading to self-diagnosis among individuals, presenting false prescriptions to patients. Keeping consumers informed about diseases and their possible cures is ethically right. By promoting or advertising a drug as a solution to a health problem, the advertisements may lead consumers to believe that adopting healthy behaviors, such as exercise, and diet are effective or necessary.

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