The Constructivist Theory Of Learning Experience And Environment Essay

The Constructivist Theory Of Learning Experience And Environment Essay

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The theory I find myself agreeing with the most is the constructivist approach because it is a balance between teacher and student. As a future teacher, I feel it important to have some say in the running of my classroom but I also want the students to feel it is also their classroom. The constructivist approach allows the teacher and students to work as a team but under the direction of the teacher. The teacher provides direction in how the classroom environment should be established, what content will be covered, and conflict resolution. The students are still given options to choose from in each of these category so they feel in control of the learning experience and environment.

Getting to Know Your Students
It is extremely important to get to know the students, their families, and their culture. When a student knows their teacher cares about them, then a relationship of trust will exist between a student and teacher (Crowe, 2009, p. 17). This is the only category where I consider myself an essentialist and constructivist due to how information will be gathered about my students. In order to know more about them, I will send home a poster board that the student can fill out with any information they would like me to know. This constructivist approach gives them the opportunity to be creative and choose what they want to share. The essentialist approach of sending home a questioner for the family to fill out will ensure I get answers to questions I feel are important for me to understand the student. Transition.

Classroom Environment
It is important to establish routines and to create a positive environment where students feel safe and respected. According to Crowe (2009), this is accomplished by teachers and students...

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...s the opportunity to share their feelings and solutions. If they do not have something to share or do not feel comfortable sharing their opinion they say pass. They must all agree to a solution or at least be able to live with it. This is a great way for me, a constructivist teacher, to guide students in finding solutions to problems.

I want my students and myself to work together so everyone feels included in the decision and learning process. Students should have a say in how their classroom is organized and the routines that are established. If they play a more active role in their learning they will develop a love for learning. I want them to know my role is to guide them through the learning process. They should also know that I care about them and their learning which is shown by my desire for them to be involved in every step of the way.

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