The Construction Of Urban Planning Essay

The Construction Of Urban Planning Essay

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Urban planning is a process that relates to the use of a piece of land; its development, maintenance and protection. Primarily, it involves creating a practical design that distributes each component of the city while including unique values dedicated to a certain group of people. The plan has to follow a certain criteria concerning regulations, environmental issues, public facilities, and economic growth. This process is important to determine and assure that an available space will be used in the most functional way possible and that its citizens will be satisfied with their surroundings.
There are different types of land and recognizing the location of each of them is imperative to the creation of any city. The various types of land include: fresh water (river and lakes), wetlands, land that is too sloped for building and land that is good for development. It is extremely important to recognize each of these areas because it determines where each facility and open space will be centered; placing anything in the wrong spot could cause major infrastructure and environmental issues.
Green spaces are a great benefit to a city and the environment; they filter the air, provide shade, lower temperatures, and prevent pollutants from entering waterways. For instance, the city of Sacramento has proven that “by doubling the region’s urban canopy, 10 million pounds of air pollutants will be removed annually.” Additionally, experts say that, “properly placed trees around buildings can reduce heating and cooling costs for homes and businesses.” Thus, taking healthy measures can easily contribute to any city from an economic and environmental perspective.
City Background
The city created in this simulation was New-Cali. This ...

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...e group completed a 3-D model and a plan that followed all requirements and regulations. Additionally, a conservation plan was created that ensure environmental and economic benefits to the city. Even though, it was challenging to make a design around each different type of land, the group was able to develop a city and preserve all natural resources without altering any of them.
This land planning “simulation” compares to the real-life process of land-use planning because it follows the same steps. Real-life follows this steps to a greater label and more complicated since there are people that do this for living and take care of real spaces. This simulation gave students the sense of how difficult is to create a space that complies with all rules and regulations of a certain place with the ultimate purpose of providing a safe environment for people to be around.

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