The Construction Of The Roman Empire Essay

The Construction Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Until these days, the wonders of Roman Engineering can still be appreciated not only on Italy but also on several parts of Europe. Thanks to the implementation of concrete and the the arch, the process of construction of great buildings and structures, such as aqueducts, was possible during the Roman Empire. One of the main reasons the Roman Engineers built the aqueducts and other buildings as extremely durable structures was that they believed that the Roman Empire would exist forever. Roman Engineering was mainly concerned with the improvement of the quality of life of the Romans, as it can be seen why the aqueducts were created in the first place. The aqueducts provided and distributed freshwater throughout the expanse of the Empire and helped address one of the main concerns of the society: public health. Thanks to the construction of aqueducts, public baths were a possibility to many Roman cities, which improved health considerably across the Empire. Even though Roman Engineers did not create or conceived neither of these, they borrowed these ideas from other cultures, and were ...

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