Essay on Construction Of The Industrial Revolution

Essay on Construction Of The Industrial Revolution

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Human beings are susceptible to the force of nature. They had to make shelter for themselves. Material was one of the most basic tools to create shelter. By development of building construction, selection and use of materials also developed. The relationship between the architecture and the materials before invention of modern materials was simple and generally naturally [1]; in the past, architects always use tradition materials according their experimental skills. For choosing structural materials, they had attention to important factors such as availability (local materials) and harmony with climate and culture [2], although this way was forward with feedback. But this relationship was not continuing simply.
The industrial revolution was transition to new manufacturing process in eighteen century. After industrial revolution, modern industry requires new and more valuable materials. So, these new materials provide new opportunity for construction industry [3]. By invention the new materials, gradually, the role of materials became more important and complicated [4]. Some new materials such as concrete, steel and plastics changed the buildings’ construction technology and caused to build many new designed building. These have had a significant influence in regard to changing forms, constructions, typologies and design philosophy [5]. But it was not all the history, new buildings need more new and standardizes materials. Weston reminds in his book, that the development of new materials has always been an inspiration for innovation in design-oriented disciplines, and architecture in particular [6].
Since 1970s, by creating more opportunity for designers and architects with new materials, the demands for dynamic and responsive arc...

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...s [21].
1–Goal: the purpose of the assessment and evaluation.
2–Alternatives: options proposed to evaluate and compare with the each other’s.
3-Criteria: the criteria for evaluation, that each of them can have one or more sub criteria.
As long as theories stay in place, the fundamental knowledge is elastic enough that an approach to any new information can always be derived. So we need to understand smart materials and new technologies in relation to the phenomena and environments they create [1].
It is excepted that, Armed with classification of smart materials and development of selecting tool for ranking them , architects would be able to use, and develop building with new and suitable materials according important factors in process design. Devise knowledge transfer scheme to help architects make the suitable use of smart materials due to different criteria.

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