Essay on Construction Of A New Hampshire

Essay on Construction Of A New Hampshire

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While working for a national firm providing manufacturers, contractors, and distributors, bidding data and analytical information, for nationwide construction projects; the founder of Construction Summary knew he could build a business serving local contractors seeking construction data, project, political and legislative information, equally important to industry professionals.
Thus, Construction Summary was established in Manchester, New Hampshire, May 1986. As well as, the assistance of a lifelong friend, Construction Summary began serving general contractors, road/bridge contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, product manufacturers, distributors/suppliers, network/communications providers and insurance/banking professionals, locally in New Hampshire. Equally important, was the planning for expansion to serve construction industry professionals in Maine and Vermont. Meanwhile, capacity business decisions essential to determine were, specifically, what did contractors require? The basic foundation would resemble that of their competitors, Dodge Reports and Construction Data Company. (CDCNews; 2015). Additional problems to resolve were, how to deliver accurate, updated, detailed information, in a timely manner, information critical to those involved in and with the construction industries. A vital problem was how to set clear goals to build strong relationships and trust with their customers, construction affiliates for example, as engineers, or municipalities. (Cohen, D; 2005).
Based on the founders prior experience, working with a national organization, he and his partner set out to determine the 5 why’s, (5 Whys; 2015, September 18), root causes in the analyze phase of business planning of the distinctive services ...

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... to the change is received by the contractor who revises their bid and resubmits, prior to bid opening, Just-In-Time, (JIT). Just-In-Time, (Larson, E., & Gray, C; 2014), in particular in a service industry establishes monitoring of efficiencies, controlling disruptions and situations that may become critical.
In cases such as these contractors who would be awarded the bid, without timely information would lose the work opportunity, their bid without the changes would be rejected. As these professionals are in the field working, Construction Summary fills the voids of planning procurement management. Therefore, this addresses the second important problem, timely, accurate, data and information, of planning strategies, encompassing activities, durations, scheduling, human resource management and especially important maintaining constant communications with customers.

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