Essay on The Construction Of A Crew

Essay on The Construction Of A Crew

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With the help of a crew, skilled in the art, and a cranky but functional crane truck, we squared, trammeled and leveled the the buildings vertical columns. Properly squared and plumb, everything fit perfectly when we lifted and bolted the rafters and longitudinal perlins in place. Installation of the X-bracing, horizontal gerts, insulation, wall sheets, doors, windows and the roof proceeded smoothly while Sven and Tim each respectively installed the plumbing and the wiring. In a few days, the building was back on schedule, and now it was time to take advantage of the long days and get down to the only real reason to be in South East Alaska in July. On the job by five in the morning, eight hours working on the building, an hour for lunch, at two in the afternoon, we went fishing.


Before we could go fishing we needed to stop at the grocery store to buy equipment, grub and fishing licenses. The lady there talked us into buying a raffle ticket for the "Fairweather Days Festival" the next week. Steve wrote his name on the ticket and, for an address, he wrote down, "Aoki Brothers." After our shopping we drove to Lloyd 's house for some tips on how best to fish the Situk river. When we drove up to his house, we found Lloyd installing a new front door to replace the heavy piece of plywood that he had nailed over the cavity where the door had been.

"What the heck happened to the door?" We asked.

Over his shoulder he casually said, "a grizzly took it off."

"Holy crap! What did you do then?" We asked.

Lloyd turned from his work and looked at us to see if we were kidding or just stupid, "I was watching TV when he came through door so I shot him," he said and pointed to the bearskin on th...

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...mostly naked self and fled outside to find peace and quiet in the lobby of the main lodge. I spent the rest of the trip sleeping on a sofa in the lobby. No one noticed.

After my first night on the sofa, at breakfast the next morning, Lloyd asked me why I looked like I hadn 't slept in days. I said, "Lloyd, Ken snores like a chainsaw, the sound rips right through my brain like a dull knife so I moved to a sofa in the main building lobby."

He nodded, forked another mouthful of scrambles eggs in his mouth, washed them down with coffee and said, "That sounds like the R&R snore to me."

Wow, Lloyd didn 't know Ken preferred R&R whiskey. I was impressed by his nuanced knowledge of the side affects of various kinds of booze. I 'm sure it 's an acquired skill. Lord knows, there 's plenty of opportunity to develop it in Alaska.


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